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Skilled mastering will take your project to the next level.

Mastering is the final step in the audio production process. It’s the last opportunity to polish your recording and ensure that it will sound fantastic, no matter where it’s played.

Audio mastering requires technical expertise and a critical ear. Right Touch Mastering brings over 40 years of experience with mastering on over 35 million albums sold. We offer digital, CD and certified “Mastered for iTunes” audio mastering.

Simply making a mix louder isn’t mastering at all. The RTM process takes several things into consideration: unifying the sound across an album, while maintaining consistency for a cohesive release, and then preparing it for distribution.

We guarantee that you will never find a hit song that was recorded, mixed and mastered by the same person, in the same room with the same gear. You can be sure that when a hit release makes the charts, it was mastered by an experienced mastering engineer with specialized gear and a finely tuned ear.