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Enter the bar code numbers for your Album, EP or single, which is 13 digits long. If your number is only 12 digits you may be required to add a leading "0" at the beginning. If you do NOT have a code, your manufacturer or distributor usually can assign one, and this can be added by them after mastering. (required)

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ISRC codes are mandatory. The are used to track sales, usage, broadcast, royalties and for creative and authorship credits to be seen on devices, including CD's. If you have ISRC codes already, list them below next to the title of each song/selection. Place a COMMA after the title, then the ISRC code immediately after. Please do NOT place any spaces or characters between the numbers or letters of the ISRC code itself, or they will be invalid.

If you do NOT have ISRC codes and need us to generate them for you, let us know. We can save you the higher cost, as we buy them in bulk. The fee is $60 for an LP, $40 for an EP of 2-5 songs, and $25 for 1 song (single). We will contact you if you request this.

Do you have a distributor or are considering one? If so, who? (required)

Do you want this project Mastered for iTunes? Usually clients say "Yes". We are an authorized Mastered for iTunes Mastering House, by Apple. We can maximize the audio quality for portable devices and iTunes download, through special equipment and sofware assigned by Apple and a different mastering approach. If we master your album for iTunes, you will be permitted to use the logo on the iTunes Store. (required)

Mastering Instructions:
Please type any specific instructions for mastering. What do you want mastering to achieve? If you have specific instructions on a particular song/selection, please specify. You can also give an example of a favorite album you like the sound of. We can try to emulate a sound, depending on the quality and sound of your mix(s). Try to deliver mixes that are not over-compressed or use excess plugins for mixing. This will allow room for the mastering process. (required)

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By clicking SEND you represent that the information you've provided is accurate. Right Touch Mastering does not accept responsibility for inaccurate information provided to us. You represent that you are authorized to have us duplicate your master for your digital distribution and/or pressing/manufacturing. Once you have contracted us to Master your project, sales of our services are final and are non-refundable. Revisions are billed at $50 per-song/selection. If the song order, ISRC, UPC/EAN, titles, or content given to us is changed by you, or you request audio changes, you will be charged our hourly fee for additional work done at our standard rate of $190.00 (US) per hour. You will not be billed for additional work unless agreed to in advance.

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