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Upon completion, we’ll deliver:

  • WAV files at 24 bits/44.1, or 48, or 96 depending upon your needs
  • MP3/AAC files, mastered for iTunes at the proper levels, limiting and special state-of the-art dithering to maximize your album
  • DDP files for CD manufacturing
  • Archiving available

When your project is complete and ready for upload to iTunes, a distributor, CD manufacturing and other mediums, you’ll have your own Right Touch Mastering – High Resolution DDP Player that we’ll furnish you with. This way you can proof your CD. In minutes, you’ll download the exact digital audio image for the glass master of your CD, or Digital Files, and can audition them when you want – where you want. The sound quality is stellar. This will ensure that there are no digital errors when we upload to your manufacturer or distributor, we ensure that every bit of data has been received perfectly at its destination.