Our Technology

the largest selection of top gear available today in the industry

At Right Touch Mastering, you can expect state-of-the-art technology.

Our facility has been custom-built to give Gordon Bahary the tools he needs to bring out the best in your audio. The following list represents the highest-quality audio gear available in the mastering industry, rarely found in one facility.

The industry’s highest standard in mastering software and transparent audio quality:


The Best Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Converters Available:

• LAVRY Gold Quintessence High Resolution D/A Converter
• LAVRY Gold AD-122-96 MX High Resolution A/D Converter
• LAVRY DA-11 D/A Converter
• Crane Song Avocet D/A Converter
• Apogee Symphony A/D & D/A Converters
• Weiss Saracon State-of-the-Art Sample Rate Converter

The Best Digital Compressor & EQ’s Available:

• Weiss DS-1 Mk III
• Weiss EQ-1 DYN/Linear Phase Combo EQ
• Weiss EQ-1 LP Linear Phase EQ
• Dangerous Music Master Console (originally designed for Sterling Sound, NY)
• Dangerous Music Liaison (advanced high-quality gold contact switching network – no patching)
• Crane Song Avocet – Studio Monitor Controller
• Maselec MEA-2 Precision Analog Mastering Equalizer
• Crane Song IBIS Mastering EQ
• Thermionic Culture Pheonix Tube Mastering Compressor
• API 5500 Stereo Mastering EQ
• Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Highest quality, high resolution cables throughout audio chain, provided by Wireworld (Silver), Nordost & Mogami (Gold)

Discrete Class A Hardware:

• Aleysia Xpressor Stereo Class A Compressor
• MAAG EQ4 EQ’s (2)
• API 550A EQ’s (2)
• API 550B EQ’s (4)
• API 560 EQ’s (6)
• API 527 Compressors (2)
• Chandler Little Devil EQ’s (4)
• Chandler Little Devil Compressors (5)
• Pete’s Place BAC-500 Compressors (3)
• Cartec EQ FEQ-5 (2)
• Focusrite 430 EQ/Compressor/De-Esser
• Universal Audio LA-610 Opto Compressor/EQ
• Tonelux Discrete Class A EQ (4)
• Purple Audio Action Stereo Compressors
• Purple TAV EQ’s (2)
• Aleysia N-Velope Class A Sound Shaper (2)
• Moog Ladder resonant filters (4)
• Distressor Compressors (Stereo) (2)
• Pro Tools HDX System (Ver. 10 and 11)
• Lynx Aurora D-A/A-D converters- 32 channels
• Magix Sequoia 13 (new!) – Pro Mastering Software (using 2 Simultaneous DAW’s with Lynx and RME cards)
• Tascam HD Digital Recorder with DSD
• Genelec Mastering Reference Monitors
• Neumann KH-310 Mastering Monitors
• KRK 8” Studio Monitors
• Yamaha 8” Reference Monitors
• Yamaha 4’ monitors
• Equitech Isolation Transformer (highest quality power conditioner for pure sound transmission)
• Fully floating, isolated acoustically-tuned monitoring room
• Second Room – Living room monitoring